Araree was founded in South Korea with a mission to bring you innovative and stylish tech accessories. They are a high-quality brand that embodies style and ultimate protection.

With Araree, you can be confident that your phone will not only be protected from everyday wear and tear, but will also be elevated to new heights of elegance. As the device trade in and second hand market continues to grow, keeping your device free of scratches, bumps and damage will help maintain the value of your device.

So, why not choose something that is sure to stand out from the crowd as well as guarantee your phone’s safety?

Araree’s products

Araree’s phone cases, as well as their other products, are made using high-quality materials. These include high quality silicone, polycarbonate, and TPU.

Investing in a high-quality phone case is important for any smartphone user, and Araree’s range of covers provides excellent protection against accidental falls or scratches.

The covers are designed with built-in shock absorption, ensuring that your phone stays safe and secure in any situation. It is also super lightweight, making it a pleasure to hold and carry around.

Furthermore, Araree offers you ample choices from their wide range of phone case designs and products for Samsung and Apple products which includes device protection for Smartphones, Tablets, wearable devices

Araree’s headquarters in South Korea play a vital role in the company’s success, especially when it comes to building strong relationships with leading tech giant Samsung.

Moreover, this enables Araree to build their products to Samsung’s exact specifications, making them the perfect fit!

Araree’s products are a perfect combination of modernity, functionality, and durability. Whether you’re looking for something minimalistic or something with an ultra-sleek design, Araree has got you covered.

Ensure your device is fully protected and get a stylish Araree cover for your smartphone or tablet.

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